Wonder Slimming Patch

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Skin Irritation Tested and accredited by FDA
Including 5 ingredient derived from nature
No Preservatives


How to Use (Just apply anywhere you want)

1. Separate film from the patch
2. Adjust the patch in the position where you want to apply
3. Just stand still for 2~3 min. to be well attached
4. Please surely do peel off the patch in the widthwise 6~8 hours later


  • Put the patch on the part without wet or cosmetics
  • For a initial user, try the patch on for 4~6 hours and increase the time to the max 8 hours according to the skin texture
  • In the case of using it on the same body part, use it every 2 days, not everydays recommended
  • Portion control and excercise with using wonder patch for 6 weeks will helps to enhance the Diet Effect
  • For feeling the stimulus at the peeling off, it's better to get rid of it after applying the body cream on the body part and wait to be absorbed
  • In the case of itching while using it, take cold pack once per 2~3days instead of scratching, then reuse the wonder patch
Quantity: 24pcs(1 pack, with box)
Package include
1 Pack x Slimming Body Patch(24pcs included)

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