Wifi Smart Sunrise Alarm Clock




Sunrise wake-up: simulate the sunrise light before the alarm bell rings, and wake you up naturally;

Sunset with sleep: naturally sound and light gradually weaken until it is closed, accompanying you to sleep;

Colorful atmospheres lights: 7 colors can be set to switch automatically or manually;

Multiple alarms: Standard version 2 alarms, smart version 4 alarms

Eight alarm sound effects: 7 hours of naturally music + FM Radio wake up;

FM radio: The radio capacity of the European and American markets is very large;

USB output port: can charge the mobile phone.

Snooze function, sleep for 9 minutes with one button, turn off the sound effect;

APP operation, concise and clear, unlock new features;

Networks time, four sets of alarm clocks, weekend workday alarm clock;

Support with Alexa/Google/Tmall Elf voice commands;

Turn on/off the sunrise light and adjust the brightness of the sunrise light;

Turn on/off the alarm;

Turn the radio on/off, and change the radio;

Open / close with sleep;

Voice snooze, APP settings turn off lights or music, time setting (5-15min)



Shell Material: ABS+PC

Size: 16 x 16 x 6cm

Sound Level: 16 Levels

FM Frequency: 87-108MHz

Screen Type: LED

USB Output: 5V 1.5A

Input Voltage: 100-240V

Maximum Brightness: 200Lux



1x Wake Up Sunrise Alarm Clock Radio

1x User Manual

1x USB Charger

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