UV Sterilizer Bag




Thoroughly Disinfect

This disinfection Bag easy to use. Protects clothing fibers, suitable for all clothing materials.

New Disinfection Methods

Disinfectant will leave residues, hot water disinfection will hurt clothes, and outdoor exposure will cause dust. This disinfection bag can bring you the most worry-free and safe experience.

Fast Disinfection

Disinfection takes 10 minutes at a time, it's an efficient disinfection speed in the market. It will save time by never worrying about the time of disinfection. Experiments show that 5 minutes of disinfection is equivalent to 6 hours of sunlight. USB powered.

Widely Used

This is also the embodiment of the cost-effective disinfection bag. In addition to disinfecting clothes, you can also disinfect more things, including phone, makeup tools, baby clothes, towels and socks. Experiments have shown that unsterilizd clothing can cause a variety of adverse physical reactions, and care for your health should start with clean clothing.



Material: Polyester

Color: Gray

Rated power: 1.5W

UV wavelength: 275nm

UV lamp life: 10000H

Working temperature: 0-40 degrees Celsius

Sterilization time: 10 minutes

Size: 28*22*7cm


Pack list

1* Bag

1* Manual

1* USB cable




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