Travel vacuum storage bag with USB electric pump




Protect your food from rotting and spoiling with this Portable Vacuum Machine. This Machine helps you to protect your food from possible wastage by taking the air out of its bag. By doing so, it lessens the possibility of molds growing into the food with the absence of air, prolonging its freshness and quality.

Aside from using this Vacuum for food storage, you can also use this to vacuum the air out of your clothes bag. Seal all your and store your out of season or bulky items and clothes so that you can maximize space in your backpack, suitcase, or at home; perfect for travels and moving places.

One of the key points of this vacuum pump is the fact that it is electric. That means you aren't going to become restless or extremely tired trying to seal storage bags as you might with a manual pump. Additionally, it is more powerful than a manual pump, meaning you can remove all excess air, and the bags will be as small/tight as possible when you're ready to store items in your closet or place the storage bags in your suitcase when traveling.

To use this vacuum machine, you have to just put the clothes in the vacuum bag, slide fingers across the zipper to close the bag. Please ensure that the bag is completely closed! Have the pump connected to the power, press the white button of the USB cable. Wait for few seconds to vacuum out the air automatically, electric pump is only suitable for vacuum storage bags to interface with a diameter less than 25mm.


Material: Plastic (ABS)
Color: White
Size: 86*34*34mm
Weight: 118g
Input type: USB
Cable length: 1200mm
Voltage: 5v
Power: < 3w
Pumping Capacity: 3L/min
Vacuum degree: -50kpa


1 * Pump Vacuum
1 * User Manual

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