Toilet Bidet Water Spray




A high-quality toilet cleaner is more hygienic than commonly used toilet paper, and is especially suitable for pregnant women 

Use the toilet cleaner, the hygiene is cleaner, the individual body and mind is comfortable 



Installation notes: 

1.Because the water pipe and shower nozzle are small, the water will be smaller, there will be no fire when using the gas water heater 

2.Single cold: direct tap water line, wash with running water 

  Cold heat: all the way to the electric water heater(or solar energy), tap the tap water all the way, and the water is mixed with water. (make sure to take the water tank. That is, the heat is not good.) 

3.Installation is simple, no need to purchase other accessories 

4.Do not buy a cold type and then direct connect to the electric water heater, because the water temperature of the electric water heater is between 55-70 degrees, the water temperature is unable to adjust accurately 

5.What kind of toilet can install this product: the aperture is between 136 to 200mm can install 


Pack list:

1 X Bidet Toilet Seat  

1 X Water Pipe 

1 X Three Links 

1 X English Manual 



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