Sports Eyewear Sunglass

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Shock Resistant. Be able to handle the intensity of any outdoor activity.
5 Interchangeable Lenses. Select the right one depending on your specific requirements.
Air Vents Design. Keep you well ventilated and keep the lenses from fogging up
Easy to Change Lenses. Designed to be disassembled and reassembled in short seconds.
Different function of the five interchangeable lens.

Yellow lens: Called night vision lens, more bright and clear. Suitable for twilight morning and in dim lighting conditions.
Blue Lens: Filtering dazzling light on the sea, suitable for playing on the seashore.
Clear lense:Absorbing infra-red radiation, suitable for overcast and rainy day.
Revo lens: Protect eyes from the damage of ultraviolet, Infrarede etc. Suitable for those people who work in the condition of strong and bright light.
Polarized lens:anti-glare, UV400 protection, Suitable for driving,fishing,climbing,cycling and others outdoor sport.

How to remove lens
1) With two finger down carefully pull the two sides of the lens,frist down pull the lens from left side and then right sides.
2) Then push the nose bridge towards the top of sunglasses until lens releases from top.
3) Then put lens down and out

How to install lens
1) Put the lens in the middle of the frames beam position, with his thumb to push lens until stuck.
2) Will the left lens alignment with left of slot position and advances up, the right sight do as the same.
3) Until the lens in the mirror completely fixed as far.


Colour: White, Black, Red, Blue
Material: PC
1set includ Cycling Polarized Sunglasses (4pcs PC lens + 1pc Polarizing lens )


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