Solar-Powered Ultrasonic Animal Repeller

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This clever garden accessory has been specially designed to repel pets and keep them away from your home and garden.
Using a high-pitched frequency that animals dislike, it's sensor can detect motion within a 30ft (9.14m) radius, ensuring cats, foxes and rodents will stay well away!
Can't be heard by humans - so no annoyance to you!
PIR (passive infrared sensor) can detect motion within a 30ft (9.14m) radius.
Features a ground spike for easy installation
Solar-powered - requires no cords or cables!
Effective in repelling cats, foxes and rodents
Economical and environmentally friendly
Animals Repelled: Foxes, Deers, Moles, Rats, Squirrels, Cats, Dogs


PIR (passive infrared sensor) can detect motion within a 30ft (9.14m) radius
Covers 110° arc, and 30ft ground area - total of 2,425²ft
Dimensions: 5-1/2'' (W) x 3-1/2'' (D) x 14-1/3'' (H)
Power Supply: 4 x AA NiCD rechargeable batteries
Power Consumption: Standby = 0.8 mAh, working = 15mAh
Ultrasonic Frequency: 18-40 Khz
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