Rapid Hair Drying Brush

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  1. Remove 39% of water for faster molding
  2. The massage function in the material can massage the scalp. Stop dandruff growth
  3. Antibacterial fiber: keep the comb fresh
  4. Side air flow device allows moisture to dry quickly in the air stream
  5. Lightweight design:
  6. Reduce hand fatigue and keep it dry
  7. Engineering handle:
  8. Texture extra grip
  9. In laboratory tests, the average water removal rate of this product under various types of hair reached 39%. The result is not exactly the same in use.
  • Material:ABS
  • Color:blue,pink
  • Size:approx 25*10cm
  • Uses: Dry hair, scalp massage, anti-dandruff, beauty care
  • Weight:180g

How to use

Just like the comb you usually use. Can help you comb your hairstyle with your satisfaction. The material is designed to absorb the moisture in the hair and absorb the excess moisture quickly. Short hair can be used directly to absorb, leaving a small amount of moist hair to lock in nutrition. If it is long hair. Use with a hair dryer. Can reduce the usual half time, can play a more satisfactory effect. Do not dry your hair and cause damage to the hair.

How to clean up
Wipe excess hair off with a wide-tooth comb, then clean it with warm water and shampoo. Let the comb be fully cleaned on your hands, from top to bottom, front to back, and everything. After your cleaning will make superfine fiber bristles a new look.



  • 2 x Comb (one pink ,one blue)
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