Portable Smart Auto-Spinning Hula Hoops

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Hula Hoops, Weighted Hula Hoop with Smart LCD Screen Auto Counting, Detachable & Size Adjustable Hoola Hoops for Adults Kids Hooping Hula Loop Exercise, Professional Soft Padding Hoops Burning Workout

This fitness gear trims your waistline without torturing your hips. Instead of energy-eating manual spinning, this has a centrifugal ball that only requires a little force to get the same (or even more) results. And the best thing is this hula hoop can be strapped so you won’t get bruised during workouts.

AUTO-SPINNING – With its centrifugal ball’s help, you can now do your daily hula hoop goals without exerting a ton of energy and time. The ball provides a bit of force to the hoop when spinning — giving you that “effortless” workout dream.

EASY TO ASSEMBLE– To build this gear, simply lock the parts to each other along with the LCD screen. Then slide the centrifugal ball on the outer side, and fix the support pad on the inner side. No fuss, no sweat!

ADJUSTABLE – For everyone! It has an elastic tube underneath each hoop part that can be stretched out to fit ANY waist size.

Size: 38x38x8cm
Material: Nylon
Waist: 60 ~ 106cm

The package contains:
1 set of smart counting hula hoop

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