Oral B Compatible Toothbrush Heads




Achieve that total clean feel after every brush, with these toothbrush heads! It can be frustrating when you brush for what seems like eternity, but you're still finding food in your mouth afterwards. Changing your toothbrush heads every couple of weeks is no only a necessity, but swapping to these heads can help to ensure that every clean is a thorough one.

The American Dental Association and the experts at Oral B recommend that you change your brush or brush head every 3 months at least. Buying in bulk means that you won't be stuck using a frayed head whilst you find the money or time to go buy a new one, and you don't miss a single day of having a squeaky clean mouth! When bristles become frayed they lose their effectiveness, and if you're an avid a brusher as you should be, you want to see all the results you can possibly get out of every brush. To aid in knowing when your head needs changing, these heads have indicator bristles that lose their colour as they are used, finally reaching a shade indicating that it should be thrown out.


These toothbrush heads come in 4 types - Precision, Trizone, Cross Floss Action and Dual Clean. These all target different areas and methods of brushing, because everyone's mouth is different! Improve your overall oral hygiene and give your teeth the clean they deserve everyday



  • Oral B Compatible Toothbrush Head
  • Designed to thoroughly clean out your teeth
  • Offers clinically superior plaque removal
  • Improves your overall oral hygiene and gum health
  • Features indicator bristles to alert users to swap out heads
  • Save on costly trips to dentists!
  • Save hundreds on something you use everyday!
  • Type of Brush Head Options:
    • Precision Clean
    • Trizone
    • Cross Floss Action
    • Dual Clean
  • Quantity Options:
    • 4 Pack
    • 8 Pack
    • 16 Pack
    • 32 Pack
  • Bulk buy and save! (Stock up for the family)



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