Magic Light Color-Changing LED Light Bulbs

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Can be set to over 16 colors at the touch of a button
5 different light intensities
Cycle, fade, strobe, and flash through every color
Included IR remote control to select one of four color changing or fade programs, or any of the 16 colors offered


Input voltage:85V~240V
Total power: 3W
Lifetime:50,000 hours
Color changing : 16 colors
Dimension: 2.4" x 2"
Remote control
Remote control can turn on/off and adjust the colors and brightness
Application: Architectural lighting, home lighting, home theater, studio, private club, entertainment lighting, ad lighting, restaurants, hotels, display scene, artwork lighting, landscape scene, etc
Wireless Remote Controller Manual:
Up: Brightness up/Long press for fast flashing
Down: Brightness down/Long press for slow flashing
Off: Power off
On: Power on
R: Color change to Red
G: Color change to Green
B: Color change to Blue
W: Color change to White
FLASH: Auto-change colors, fast skip
STROBE: Auto-change colors, slow skip
FADE: Auto-change colors, fast shade
SMOOTH: Auto-change colors, slow shade
Other no-letter buttons: For color-mix

Package includes:

1 Pieces x GU10 Remote Control 16 Color RGB LED Light Lamp 3W. 
1 Peices x Mini Remote Control.
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