Hub 7 Port Portable Aluminum Charging and Data Hub 3 Feet USB 3.0 Cable (Silver)



Product presentation:

*The portable USB 3.0 hub is introduced, which extends the rarer USB 3.0 interfaces for PC, super computer and tablet with USB interface.
*It is made of high strength ABS plastic with a concise design. Miniature appearance, suitable for different occasions.
*The integrated design facilitates the expansion of 7 USB 3.0 interfaces without power supply.
*The layout is reasonable and 7 USB devices do not interfere with each other. With external 5V2A DC power interface

Product function:

*It is equipped with a high performance main control chip and extends 7 high speed USB3.0 interfaces.
*It has a reliable continuous working capacity and safe and stable transmission performance. With advanced USB PHY technology, each interface can operate at a theoretical transmission rate of 5 gbit / s at full speed under different topological and channel conditions, and transmission is secure and stable.

Product Features:

★ Unique card opening design, convenient and energy efficient
Easy-to-use 7-port USB interface
★ The length of the connection wire is 30 cm, which is flexible and convenient to use.
★ Overload voltage and instantaneous current protection function to effectively protect the connected equipment and the HUB itself
★ The theoretical transmission rate of the USB3.0 interface is as high as 5 Gbps, and it is downward compatible with USB2.0 / USB1.1.
★ Windows XP / Vista / MAC 7/8 driverless with USB

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