Flying Fairy Dolls




Amazing Magically Control Doll: Open the switch, hand hold the flying fairies legs, the Fairy rotation then left the hand! The flying fairies began as low-speed rotation, the speed will reach a certain lift after take off.the flying fairy doll can sense the objects around it and move intelligently.

Infrared Sensor:After take off flying fairies, a certain height in the air will drop, and then reach out to fly fairy feet, below the sensor will start to rise from the reach. Like a RC flying ball. When the doll is in the air, you can press the button on the remote control to decide turning on or off. Therefore, put their hands at the bottom of the fairies, you can enjoy the wonderful magic shows so with the action of her hand, flying doll's is up like a magically and come back down to her hand.

Flying time: Flight time 6-8 minutes, USB Charging time 25 minutes.Auto-sensing, during down flight, when it sense the object, it will automatically up flying.

Environment: Environmentally friendly non-toxic materials. The wings and the body are strong and tested over and over again.Ideals for the indoors and outdoors activities, enjoy your spare time with this magical flying toy.



Material: ABS

Color: pink

Flying Fairy Battery: 3.7V 70MAH lithium battery! (built in)

Flight time: 6-8 minutes

Charging time: 25 minutes

Color: Colorful-red

Lighting: LED light

For ages: 14+

Size: 16x19cm


Pack list

1 x Flying toy

1 x USB cable

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