Built-in 620 classical game console




This game machine not only allows you to experience the new game with the latest equipment, but also makes you revisit memories of the old game.

Built-in 620 classic games.
All the action takes place on one screen, from a zoomed out third-person perspective. Easy to control. Bringing you back many fond gaming memories.
With 2 game controllers, plug and play, suitable for families, friends, couples, etc..
Do not need to other game cards and download, with entertainment system.

Item type: Classic Game Console
Console size: 13*4.5*10cm
Game Console: for 8-bit, does not support game cards
Note: Built-in 620 Childhood Classic TV Video Games(actually 500 games)
TV signal system: NTSC/PAL
TV status: A.V.
Power supply: AC 110-220V
Output DC 6V-150mA
Controller: Dual wired controller
Material: Plastic

Power adapter safety instructions
1. Children under 3 years of age are prohibited from use.
2. Transformers are not toys.

Pack list:
1* Game console
2* wired controllers
1* Audio / Video Cable for TV
1*electric power plug.
1* USB Cable
1* User Manual
1 * Game list




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