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This Fitness Bands Hanging Belt Tension Pull Rope system provides everything you need to build strength, increase your flexibility, spot-train, and fit in a comprehensive and healthy workout, anytime and anywhere you want. So all of your fitness bases are covered in this Yoga Fitness Bands Hanging Belt Tension Pull Rope Home Exerciser Training Fitness Equipment Resistance Set. 

Only small space needed, the installation method is also very simple, whether at home or outdoors, just fix  the belt on the door, wall or other places, can do exercise at any time.


  1. Suitable for different fitness level of the crowd -Whether you are beginners or fitness expert, want to thin or exercise muscles, you can adjust the resistance by adjusting the angle between the hanging belt and body according to your own body weight, to achieve goal of training.
  2. Improve the balance function Hanging training is like practicing yoga on the rope, not only need endurance, but also need to master a series of balance skills.
  3. Exercise back muscles In recent years, the US fitness industry, especially stressed to practice the back and waist muscles, especially the muscles around the spine. When we stand upright, lumbar and lower limb joints will bear a lot of pressure because of the Earth's gravity, to result in pain in back and waist for a long time. Office workers often need to sit in the office for a long time, this symptom is even more obvious. It can adjust the shape of the spine, so that the joints are fully relaxed,  train the lower back muscles simultaneously , it is the most appropriate fitness way.
  4. Max bearing weight is up to 400kg. 
  5. Easy to install and convenient to carry. 
  6. Enable you to perform hundreds of training, such as exercise strength, flexibility, core stability and endurance. 
  7. Hanging training uses your own body weight to create resistance. 
  8. Allow you to adjust the degree of difficulty, which makes it suitable for people of different fitness levels and different training targets. 
  9. A complete gym in a bag, gives you everything you need to build a better body. 
  10. Door holder, can build strength, power and mobility from any door in your home. 
  11. All you need is a door, a tree branch, or any number of easy anchor points. 
  12. Developing core stability and power, anytime you want, anywhere you want. 


  • Material: Polyester.
  • Type: Arm Exerciser
  • Color: AS the picture show
  • Package weight: 0.993 kg
  • Package Dimension: 21 x 15 x 9 cm 

Package Content: 

  • 1 x Resistance Belt
  • 1 x Security door holder
  • 1 x Guide belt
  • 1 x Mesh bag
  • 1 x Mini allen wrench
  • 1 x Instructions
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