BBQ Silicone Eating Set

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  1. BBQ DREAM SET - Make  grilling more exciting and effortless with these 3 great tools for grilling , shredding, basting, lifting and more. This SUPERIOR VALUE SET of 3 Top Selling BBQ tools are functionally matched 
  2. NO MESS NO REST SILICONE GLOVES - The best thing about silicone gloves are them being food grade, water proof, stain proof and odor proof. That means you can go right ahead and pick up food and worry not about the hot juices seeping through to your hands nor the smell and odor sticking to the gloves. Just rinse easily and reuse them right away!! They come in pairs for maximum movement and function. Oh and they work great for frozen foods too!
  3. SHREDDERS ARE THE BOMBâ€?Shredding pulled pork and other meat is child play - quick and easy with these two-piece sharp and lightweight meat shredder claws! Handle and lift hot meat with ease! Mixing salad in a big plater too! Yes, they are dishwasher safe! Yes, they are something to rave about! SILICONE HEAT RESISTANT 8.5in BASTING BRUSH is more like the quiet member of this set but it’s convenient, efficient, lasting and with no embarrassing bristles left behind on food!
  • Material:Silicone
  • Color:As the image show


  • 1 X Silicone Brush,
  •  2 X Silicone Gloves,
  •  2 X Meat Claws



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