Apple iOS + Mac USB Flash Drives

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Transferring files between your iPhone and your Mac can sometimes be a hassle! If takes long cords, computer time, and both devices have to be in the same room at once. Pass files from your computer to someone else's phone without having to have technology meet-up, with these Apple flash drives!



  • Apple iOS + Mac USB Flash Drives
  • Great gift idea for the tech-head in your life
  • Expand the storage capabilities of your iOS device with an iOS + Mac USB Flash Drive!
  • Offers two way storage between iOS and Mac/PC
  • Perfect for your iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch and more!
  • Simply create, copy, move, delete, rename and open data from your Apple device
  • iReader Features:
    • Can read SD cards
    • Simply insert SD card with your required storage size
    • Supports up to 128GB memory card
  • iDrive Features:
    • Built-in storage available in 16GB or 32GB
  • iReader & iDrive Benefits:
    • Built-in music play from user interface
    • Photo import from camera roll
    • Contact backup protection (restore your contact list)
    • Voice recording
    • Direct input of files
    • File management
    • No need for Wi-Fi or network signal
  • Your Options:
    • iReader
    • iDrive 16GB
    • iDrive 32GB
  • Download the free app from the App Store to access data between your iDevices and iDrive/iReader
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