Air purifier disinfection for office / household / car / pet room disinfection




——Small size, convenient for you to carry to various scenes, such as: office, bedroom, hotel, dormitory, etc;
——Through the ozone to eliminate the virus, through the test proved that can effectively eliminate 99% of the bacteria, give you a secure environment;
——The noise of the product is no more than 35 dB, which ensures a quiet environment;
——Up to 600 Ma battery, rechargeable design, so that it can protect you for a long time;
——In the process of use, it will not emit strange taste, making your use more comfortable.

Be careful:
1. Please use the equipped USB for charging;
2. Pregnant women and infants should enter the area 15 minutes after disinfection;
3. Please do not get close to the product to absorb ozone when the product is working;
4. Children should be used under the supervision of their parents.

Product size:9*5*7cm
Package size:10*12*6cm

Package Included:
1X USB cable
1x English manual
1x sterilizer
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