Acupuncture Massage Pen

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1. Accurate physical therapy, infrared laser and acupuncture without piercing the skin, simple operation.
2. Automaticlly search the acupoint, will not work when couldn’t find the acupoint or meridian obstructed.
3. 9 electric strength grades to adjust, easy to choose the most suitable grade.
4.Transient pulse;
5. Three types of heads for choose and possess three main functions:
(1) Dome type:Superficial therapy, which is applicable for health care and facial beautification;
(2) Node type: Node therapy, which is applicable for partial body pains;
(3) Spheroidaltype: Partial therapy, which is applicable for quickly alleviating pain.
1. Energy and smoother the meridians. Slides on the skin causing the feeling of stimulation and vibration, the feeling will be stronger on the acupoints, which will be relaxed right after application.
2. Alleviate pain of muscle, joints and nerve, especially the slower nerve conduction of pain.

1. When the pen slides on the skin, together with the holding hand and body connect as a circuit, the hand and the contacted points will have the feeling of vibration and a little numbness, it is how the meridian pen works, but not the leakage of electricity, please note that.
2. Children under 8 years old should be under the adult supervision when using.
3.The following situation can not use this product:

  • Over implanted metal part.
  • If you use a pacemaker.
  • If you suspect you are in your first 16 weeks pregnancy.
  • On the carotid sinus nerves, laryngeal or pharyngeal muscles on the front/side of your neck.
  • On wet skin or in damp surroundings
  • If you suffer from epilepsy
  • On open wounds.
  • Close to oxygen or inflammable liquids
  • Over the heart.


Voltage:1.5V(One AA Battery not include)
Pulse Frequency:0.01-300HZ
Pules Width:100us-320us
Mixmun Output Extent:500ohm

Package Included:
1 x Electric Acupuncture Pain Relief Pen
1 x Node Type Head
1 x Dome Type Head


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