ABS Stimulator with Optional Arm Pads




Exercise Muscle - Exercise abdominal muscles, waist muscles, leg muscles and other parts to achieve muscle shaping effect. For instance, six muscle abdominal.

Slimming - acts on the human muscles, stimulates the muscle nerves, transmits the pulse signals of the exercise to the muscles, promotes the muscles to complete the contraction movement, consumes energy, and burns extra fat, so as to achieve a slimming effect.

Muscle strength recovery - Helps muscle strength gradually recover, strong body. 4.Muscle strength maintenance - Muscles undergo high-intensity training for a period of time, keep the muscles active and make the muscles full of energy and strength will not decrease.

Stick on the body and 20Hz current stimulation frequency, allowing the muscles to exercise independently, lying down also can exercise.

Imported chips, soft PU leather material, easy exercise method and reusable machine.

Six modes and nine strengths, Let you remove fat and build muscle, strong body.



Stay toned with the Abs Stimulator with optional Arm Pads

An electronic abs stimulator which targets specific muscle areas

Firm up abs whilst carrying out everyday tasks

Choose from 6 modes

Device can be worn for just 12 minutes at a time

Add on arm pads to tone up your arms!



Abs stimulator dimensions: 20.5cm x 16.8cm

Arm pad dimensions: 7.5cm x 5.8cm x 1.8cm

Includes automatic 'power off' after 12 minutes

Voltage: 3V DC

Requires batteries (not included)


Package :

Stimulator / stimulator plus pad sets

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