8 Piece Dental Hygiene Kit

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Dental stain eraser - great for smokers and those consuming alot of tea / coffee
Keep Teeth and Tongue healthy between visits to the Dentist
Toothbrush - Soft bristle with easy grip
Tongue Brush - reaches the back of the tongue where odour-causing bacteria occurs
Dental Mirror - helps to check swollen gums and tooth decay
Dental Pick - effective for cleaning and dislodging food particles
Toothpicks with Floss - Combined dental floss and toothpick for easy use
Dental Stain Eraser - Helps erase heavy plaque build up and food deposits


Toothbrush Length: Approx.19.50cm 
Tongue brush Size: Approx.18cm*3cm(Length*Diameter) 
Dental Mirror Size: Approx.16cm*2cm(Length*Diameter) 
Dental Pick Length: Approx.17cm 
Toothpicks with Floss Length: Approx.8cm 
Dental Stain Remover Length: Approx.14cm
Color: Blue, Green, Red

Package Include:
1x Toothbrush
1x Tounge Brush
1x Dental Mirror
1x Dental Pick
3x Toothpicks with Floss
1x Dental Stain Remover

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