3D LED Wall Clock Alarm




LED time display.
12/24 hours display for your choice.
Alarm and snooze feature.
Night mode setting (18:00-06:00)
3 Functioning buttons (MODE, UP, DOWN)
Time Setting:
Press MODE for 2s to enter time setting, setting order: hour-minute.
Alarm Setting:
Under alarm mode, press MODE for 2s to enter time setting, setting order: hour-minute-snooze time. 'AL' will flash when setting.
When Alarm Clock Rings:
Press MODE to stop ringing and snooze, 'AL' will flash till the alarm time.
Press UP or DOWN to stop ringing, 'AL' will not flash.
Snooze Time Setting:
Default snooze time is 5 minutes, under alarm mode, press MODE for 3s to ender snooze time setting, then press UP and DOWN to set snooze time.
Night Mode:
The clock will automatically lower LED brightness under night mode, under clock mode, press MODE for 2s to enter night mode.
Press MODE to turn night mode on/off.
When night mode is on, press MODE to ender night mode setting, setting order: start hour-start minute-end hour-end minute.
Brightness Level Setting:
3 Brightness levels: Bright, medium, dark
Default brightness level is medium.
Press UP to switch brightness level.

  • Material:Acrylic 
  • Color:black 
  • Display: digital 
  • Light color:blue/red/white/green 
  • Battery:CR2032(included) 
  • Size:21.5*8.7*4cm
  • 1 X Wall Clock
  • 1 X USB Charging Cable
  • 1 X User Manual





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