3 in 1 Multifunctional Fitness Gum 4 Tube Resistance Bands



Pedal Resistance Band, 4-Tube Pedal Fitness Rope, Elastic Resistance Band Foot Pedal Pull Rope Kit, Sit-up Fitness Equipment, Multifunction Rope for Exercise, Fitness Equipment Exercises for Abdomen, Chest, Back, Waist, Arm, Leg, Muscle, Exercise Stretching Strap Adjustable Sports Workout Gear

- Removable design: Simple disassembly and assembly, can be freely combined to meet different sports needs.
- Safe and durable: Made of natural latex tube, which has high tensile strength.
- Easy to carry: Easy to store, suitable for various occasions such as home / fitness studio / office/ travel etc.

DIY combination:
- Combination 1: Long handle + elastic bands + foot pedal = portable sit up assistant device, used to exercise arms, shoulders, abdomen, back, legs and other parts, replacing large and expensive sit-up bench
- Combination 2: Long handle + elastic bands + foot pedal = leg exercise and waist exercise equipment, eliminate excess fat in legs and waist
- Combination 3: 2 handles + elastic bands = chest expander, exercise the arm, pectoral muscles.
- Combination 4: 2 handles + elastic bands + foot pedal = V-shaped tensioner, exercise arm strength.

Use & Care:
Before each use, please check the integrity of the 4-tube pedal fitness rope.
Do not use bands on abrasive or jagged surfaces.
Do not stretch elastic pedal fitness ropes to more than 2.5 times of the original length.
After stretching the elastic band to a certain length, please restore the elastic band to its original length slowly to avoid safety issues.
The strength of exercise can be adjusted by increasing or decreasing the number of connected resistance bands.



Package Include:
Resistance Band x4
Pull Rope Handle x2
Foam Handle x2
Non-slip Pedal x1

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